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About Us

Man laying thermal insulation layer under the roof - measuring a mineral wool panel

Welcome to the Insulation Guides website, a site currently owned and operated by webmaster and DIY homeowner Paul Johnson – Contact him here.

Ben recently built the Insulation Guides site out of a desire to help other homeowners reduce energy use and costs, producing a greener lifestyle while saving money on utility bills in every season. Most homes don’t have enough insulation or the insulation isn’t properly installed. The insulation guides found here provide information on recommended levels of insulation plus tips about how it should be installed to most effectively keep in heat in winter and keep out heat in summer.

Browse the guides for expert information on the types of insulation materials that are available and where they are best used in your home. You will also find insulation prices in every guide including tables that allow you to compare insulation costs head to head. For example, which type of insulation is the most cost-effective choice for your attic? Our information allows you to compare roll insulation with loose fill cellulose or spray-in foam.

What You’ll Learn at the Insulation Guides

These insulation cost and comparison guides provide information about insulation materials and the locations of your home where adequate insulation is a necessity for making your home comfortable and energy efficient.

Insulation Materials

Our guides cover the most popular types of insulation used by homeowners and contractors. These include fiberglass and rock wool batts and rolls, loose fill cellulose insulation, spray-in foam, rigid foam and more. We provide insulation costs for each material in several “R-values”, a term that refers to the materials ability to “Resist” the transfer of heat. Our insulation prices give you the cost for the material and the labor separately.

Insulation Locations

Read our location guides for detailed, expert information on insulating your home’s attic, walls, ceiling, floor, foundation and other key locations. These guides offer insulation price comparison for each location. For example, in the wall insulation guide, you’ll find insulation cost comparison for fiberglass batts, rock wool batts and loose fill insulation.

Where We Get our Insulation Prices

Our current insulation prices are gleaned from a variety of reliable resources including insulation contractor prices for completed jobs. We give both material and insulation costs, so you’ll have helpful information when speaking to insulation contractors in your area.