Whether you’re planning insulation for a new construction project or adding insulation to an existing home to make it more energy efficient, this Insulation Guides website will help you decide which material is right for each location of your home.

You’ll find two types of insulation guides here. Our insulation materials guides include batt, roll, loose fill cellulose, rigid and spray-in foam and more.

The second type of guides covers locations such as walls, the attic, ceilings, basements, crawl spaces and more. Our goal is to help you select insulation that will make your home as comfortable as possible while reducing both energy use and your utility bills.

Included in every insulation guide are insulation prices, so you can compare prices for the materials that work in each area of your home. For example, when planning insulation for the attic, your choices include fiberglass or stone wool rolls, loose fill and spray-in foam. We supply insulation prices to compare along with the relative R-values, so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Insulation Prices & Costs

Here’s how our insulation guides work.

insulation-by-typeInsulation by Material – We offer comprehensive insulation information for the major types of insulation used in construction and remodeling. The guides describe the materials and the benefits they deliver to your home. The potential locations for installation are included too. Then, we list the insulation costs of each level of insulation, something known as the R-value of the insulation. The “R” stands for “resistance.” The R-value gives you a numerical level for how well the material resists the transfer of heat. The higher the R-value, the better the material keeps heat in your home in the winter and out of your home in the summer.

insulation-by-locationInsulation by Location – Our insulation guides to location discuss your options for each area of your home. In the guides, the reasons for insulating each area are covered along with the recommended R-value of insulation for your climate zone. We include a wealth of information from the US Department of Energy and other reliable sources in the resources at the bottom of each page. Finally, we provide insulation cost comparisons. For example, in the wall insulation guide, you’ll have the information needed to compare fiberglass batt, rock wool batt and loose fill insulation at insulating values of R-13 (2×4 wall framing) and R-21 (2×6 wall framing).

Latest News for Home Insulation Plus Updates to our Website

We add fresh, up-to-date content to this site on a regular basis, so stop in often to see what’s new. You’ll find the latest information on innovative insulation options for your home. We update insulation prices as they change too, and this gives you the information you need to discuss your project with insulation contractors in your area.

This is an interactive site, so if you’d like to join the conversation by submitting insulation prices you’ve received or other information readers would find useful, you’re invited to submit it using our contact form or project submission form. Your input is important!

Recently Completed Insulation Projects With User Submitted Prices & Costs

The following pricing table are user submitted prices for home insulation jobs they have had completed. These are submitted to us through our simple to use project submission form. This table is updated on a regular bases with home insulation prices and costs. Please take the time to add your project, to help other’s looking to complete theirs.

LocationTypeInsulation RatingSq. Ft.Cost Per Sq .FtInstallation Inclusive Total Cost
Jersey, NJBlow In InsulationR191300 sq. ft.$1.46 Yes$1896.00
New York, NYFoil Faced InsulationR50300 sq. ft.$5.00Yes$1501.76
Alcaldes, JALFoil Faced InsulationR30550 sq. ft.$1.80 Yes$990.00